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Short answer: Yes! The Library's photocopiers are capable of scanning documents. You need to save your file to a USB device ("flash drive," "jump drive," "usb drive"). Hopefully the following instructions will help demonstrate:

Plug in the USB device.1. Insert a USB drive into the copier. Some of the copiers look different than others, but many of them have the USB port in the back on the side like this one (at right).






Scan button

2. Choose "SCAN" from the gray buttons in the middle of the copier panel (MENU, COPY, SCAN, PRINT).





Found USB Device

3. "FOUND USB DEVICE" should appear in the lower left of the copier screen.








4. Select the USB option. USB save button








5. USB Save Options screenChoose a format (PDF or TIFF). Press FILE NAME to change name if desired. Choose MULTI for multi-page documents or SINGLE for images or documents in separate files per page. Press OK.





Scan settings screen6. In order to adjust color vs. B/W, DPI Quality settings, etc., press SCAN SETTING on screen and choose options, then press OK.






Place the document face down on the glass.

7. Ensure the document is face-down in the upper left corner of the copier glass.







Scan and finish the job8. Press the green "Scan" button to scan a page. Place each additional image or document on the glass face-down and press "Scan" again each time.

9. When each document is completed, press "JOB FINISH."





USB Drive in use10. Do not remove the device while the copier reports "USB DEVICE IN USE" in the lower left of the screen. Wait!







USB device can be removed.Once the message is replaced with "USB Device can be removed," you can take your flash/USB drive out of the copier.

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