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Yes!  Sonoma County residents, 15 years of age or older, can get free or discounted passes to museums and attractions around the San Francisco Bay Area through Discover & Go, using their Sonoma County Library card. 


The Discover & Go calendar displays available passes for the current month and two months out.  Each participating venue makes a limited number of passes available, and many book up quickly.  If you wish to book a specific venue for a specific day, it's recommended that you plan three months ahead.  New passes become reservable at 12:01 a.m. on the first day of each month.

     EXAMPLE: On May 1, you'll see available passes for May, June, and July. If you wish to reserve passes for
August, visit the site as early as 12:01 a.m. on June 1.



The Discover & Go program allows up to two reservations per card at a time.  Two reservations cannot be made on the same card for a single venue on the same day.  Families wishing to reserve multiple passes for the same day are advised to use additional library cards of any family member over the age of 15.  Please remember that many venues offer a limited number of passes-- by date or by month.



You can cancel a pass ONLY if you have not clicked on the View/Print Pass button and agreed to the warning that passes cannot be canceled after viewing or printing. Library staff cannot cancel passes for you. Passes cannot be canceled after the fact. 

We recommend you do not print your pass until right before your reservation. That way you always have the option to cancel reservations yourself, should your plans change.

To cancel a pass, login to your Discover & Go account and click on Cancel Pass



For questions, or help with reservations, please email Ask Us! or call any Sonoma County Library branch. 

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  1. Answer does not include how to go about booking these passes. Great service you provide though.
    by RV Library User on Jun 09, 2015.
  2. Discover and go is VERY hard to find on your website...just like everything
    by Jan Jones on Jun 09, 2015.
  3. Both previous comments exactly right. Can't find the places open to go to, though I appreciate the sentiment.
    by peter n. on Feb 04, 2016.
  4. Thank you for your comments. We have updated this page and also the main Discover & Go page with updated URLs and also added clearer links to the list of participating venues. We are also working on a redesign of our menu structure which will hopefully make the service easier to find on our Web site. Thanks again!
    by Reference Staff on Feb 06, 2016.
  5. I learned of this new program through an article in the Press Democrat. As of July 2016, the only way I could find the details was by typing "museum passes" into the frequently asked questions box. Could the library add a tab that explains "new services or programs" on the home page?
    by cathleen on Jul 21, 2016.
  6. Hi there! We are very grateful for your feedback and will review your comment and see what we can do—we are indeed trying to improve access to our services and programs on the web site. Thank you!
    by Reference Staff on Jul 28, 2016.