Answered By: Mathew Rose
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Detail display

When you click on a search result title or image, a new window displays details for that item.

In the catalog data, you might see links (an author's name, for example) (1) that you can click to begin a new search for that link's content.

The different sections (2) contain information about item availability, item summaries, reviews, excerpts, etc. Click on the section you want to open and scroll down to view its content. In the catalog data, use the sort icon ( ) to sort items. Click once to sort ascending. Click again to sort descending.

To close the item detail view, click the Close button (3), or click anywhere outside the detail display window.


Click the Next and Previous buttons (4) to view the detail page of the next or previous item. The order of the items is the same as it is on the search results page.

Using the Facebook “Like” button

If you're a Facebook user, click the Facebook "Like" button (5) to "like" the item on your Facebook profile. If you are not already logged in to Facebook when you "like" an item, a window will appear and prompt you to log in to Facebook.

Placing a hold

Items that can be checked out will have a Place Hold button (6) that you can click to put the item on hold. (For more information, see Placing holds)

Note: You can also place a hold on an item by using the Select An Action menu (see Selecting an action).

Selecting an action

From the Select An Action drop-down menu (7), you can place a hold on the item, add the item to My Lists, and email or print item information. (For more information, seeUsing the Select an Action drop-down menu

Downloading ebooks

If the item is an ebook, you can download it by clicking the Download ebook link (8).

A window will appear and ask you to select an ebook format. Select the format you want, and the ebook will begin to download.