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Go to My Account page by clicking My Account from the upper-right corner of the header. If you are not already logged in, the system will prompt you to log in before you can access the My Account page.

The Personal Information tab has four sections: User information (your name will appear as the heading), Change PIN, Preferences, and Group Members.

Note: If you are not a member of a group, the Group Members section won't be in your Personal Information tab.

User information

The User information section displays your personal information. If you see something that is inaccurate or outdated, please talk to a librarian at your library.

Change PIN

Change PIN lets you designate a new Personal Identification Number or password for your library account.

Important: If you have forgotten your PIN, contact your library for instruction on how you can be assigned a new PIN.

Go to the Change Pin section to change your login PIN.

Note: The PIN must be 4 digits in length.


Set up your personal preferences in the Preferences section. You can configure these options:

  • Default Language lets you select which language you want the system to use when you log in.
  • Default My Account Tab lets you select which tab (Personal Information, Checkouts, Holds, or Fines) opens when you access the My Account page.
  • Preferred List lets you select a default My List. When you add a title to your lists, the program adds it to the default list. If you select "no default list", the program prompts you to select a list. You can create a list to use as your preferred list in the My Lists page (see Adding/Deleting lists).

Group Members

If you are a member of a library group, you will be able to see the members of that group in this section.

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  1. I followed the steps as described yet my information was NOT displayed under my name. I wished to change my home library as I have moved but I was unable to do so.
    by ann on May 23, 2015.
  2. I want to change my branch library as I have moved,, I can't do this with the solution you listed.. How do I change my branch library?
    by collin4blues on Sep 15, 2016.