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If your library card number and PIN don't seem to work,

  1. Make sure you type the card number without spaces.

  2. You may have fines on your account. If there are fines over $10.00, the system will not let you log in to some services.

  3. Your card may have expired. Our library cards no longer expire, but in the past, the cards required an update every two years. If you haven't used your card in a long while, it may have expired under our old policy. Details about library cards can be found in our Circulation Policy under our Policies and Procedures

  4. Our records may indicate a different PIN.

  5. There may be a problem with the library's network—or your own network or device.

Most of these concerns can be resolved (or at least quickly identified) using a quick phone call or visit to your library branch. Just let us know you're having trouble accessing your account and we'll help figure things out.

Library Cards: If you can provide us your library card number, we can check its status for you OR you can stop by the circulation desk at your branch library to have them check your card and PIN number. You can also request a change of PIN using this account update request form IF you know your current PIN number.

PIN: Your pin number will probably be the last four digits of your phone number when you applied for the library card unless you chose something else. If you were under the age of seventeen when you got your card, it may also be your birth year.

Computers/Networks: If something else is going on with your ability to access the site, then there may be a problem with your computer or network; try working with your computer troubleshooting guides for help. Our own network has trouble from time to time too, so we suggest you try again after a little while.