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You can find navigation links in the upper-right corner of the header (1). Click one of these links at any time to log in, go to the My Account page, or go to the My Lists page. You can also click the Home icon (2) to go to the library catalog Home page.

Library Information

You can click the Library Information link (3) to find information about the library, such as location (address), phone number, open hours, etc.

Selecting a language

You can select the interface display language from the Language drop-down (4).

Once you log in, the language you select as your default language in the My Account preferences will become the interface display language automatically (see Preferences).

Keyboard Navigation

The standard library catalog interface is made to be accessed primarily with a mouse. However, if you are more comfortable using the keyboard, you can click here (5) to change to an interface that better accommodates that.