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To learn about free access to the New York Times online for Sonoma County Library patrons, please visit this library web page.

Below are the most common error messages you might see when trying to log in to the New York Times Remote. 


"Unauthorized Network Connection."


You will see this error if you are in a library branch and try to use the "NYT Remote" link to get to the New York Times, or if you are outside of a branch and try to use the "New York Times - In Library Access" link. From this web page, be sure to use the "NYT Remote" link only if you are outside of the library, and the "New York Times - In Library Access" link from within any of the branches. 


"These credentials are already associated with an account. Please try again or log in."

You may have tried to log in on the "Sign Up" screen when you already have a account through the Sonoma County Library. You may also see this message if you already have a paid digital subscription to associated with your email address. ( passes can only be used by individuals who do not already have an active New York Times subscription.) In either case, try "Log in" instead of "Sign up."


"The email address and password you entered don't match any NYTimes account. Please try again."

It may be that you mistyped your email address or tried to Log In when you don't yet have a account. If you don't yet have an account, click on "Create One" in the prompt below the error message.


"We have encountered an error, please try again later."

Try logging out of in any browsers and tabs you have open. To log out, click the arrow next to your email address in the upper right of the screen. Next, go to the the Sonoma County Library NY Times Remote information page here and click on "GO >>" to connect using the SCL group pass. 

You may also see an error message If you try to log in but already have a remote pass activated. Each pass is good for 24 hours, and you cannot activate a new pass before the access from your previous pass expires.

For more assistance with group passes, visit the Pass Troubleshooting Guide or contact us by email or Text us at: 707-632-4591